How To Help Our Pets Live
Longer, Healthier Lives

Hound Healer Homeopathy is the most comprehensive, supported program to show you the fundamentals of homeopathy and nutrition to know how to heal common issues and take control of their health. 


Become a Healer in

6 Weeks or Less

In this program you will get access to:

Want to add a 1 Year membership to a platform
with top vets trained in holistic healing?

$ 600 Value

Membership for one year to a private membership site of holistic veterinarians,
including a 1:1 consult with a vet/month and a forum of like-minded pet parents
for support, recommendations and answers.

By the end of this program you will:​

01  Know the fundamentals of homeopathy

02  Know the fundamentals of good nutrition

03  Know the facts about pharmaceuticals, vaccines and toxins and how they affect your pet

04  Have created your pet’s homeopathic case, chosen a remedy and begun the healing process


Passionate, committed pet parents who want to naturally and holistically alleviate their symptoms, so they will finally have a solution to extend their lives and add precious time with their best friend.

Add your name to a waiting list; there are limited spaces available, since this will be a live training. The weekly classes will be online through Zoom

$497 USD

We provide a 30-day guarantee for those who can show they’ve participated in/watched the trainings, done the assignments and still feel the training didn’t live up to its promise. Just email my team that you’re dissatisfied with the content and we’ll refund you, no questions asked.

Learn how to extend the life of your pet with homeopathy

As pet parents, it is difficult to explain the love that we feel for our pets so why not gain all the knowledge necessary to give them the best life possible?


Successful healers


By Shari L.

“Homeopathy for our hounds, what kind of class could this be?
Sounded very interesting, it was designed for you and me.
Jody is the experienced teacher, her expertise is sublime,
Each of us made the choice to share this healing time…
“I recommend this “HOUND HEALER” class, personally rating it A-one,
My poem is finally finished, aren’t you glad that I am done?!
Thank you, Jody, for teaching class, our connection is forever,
Continue all your sharing, it’s a remarkable endeavor.”

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How can you help your pet live a longer, healthier life?